Internet Access

Internet Access

Swiss Networking Solutions AG Dedicated Internet Access allows for smaller companies to have first class Internet access in any of our facilities, for a fraction of the cost of our competitors. We provide the IP addresses and Internet connectivity and you bring your service.


Using our IP Address space and internet routing systems, we provide using our Cisco infrastructure up to 10G service with Single or Multi Mode fibre, or 1G service with Single or Multi Mode fibre, and CAT5 Ethernet, where available.

Global Connectivity

We can provision Internet circuits up to 10 gig, if available at our facility. Our Dedicated Internet access product will connect you to our network, with reach to over 4,000 global networks. We handle the Internet routing and network management for you, allowing you to focus on your services, not on the Internet connection.


Our goal is to provide high quality service, at a fraction of the cost, to customers in new and emerging markets. Our goal is to run the lowest latency, most reliable, and fastest service in the facilities where we build our infrastructure, because your business is important.


Our Internet access services use our highly resilient network, to deliver 99.99% reliability. This is accomplished with high availability routing infrastructure, and world class partners.

Network Management

Swiss Networking Solutions operates a 24/7/365 Network Operations Center to monitor our network for outages. We have monitoring systems that proactively alert our team to problems, with the goal of minimal customer downtime. We also have clear procedures for resolving problems with our carrier partners.