International Private Line

International Private Line (IPL)

Swiss Networking Solutions AG can provide International Private Line Service (IPLS) at any one of our points of presence to any other. Our services are delivered via a scalable network based on Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) technology with a focus on high availability and resiliency.


Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) provides highly reliable transport via optical cables. The technology is highly flexible, as we can deliver either SDH (Worldwide) or SONET (USA/Canada), in capacities up to STM-64 / OC-192 across our entire network. SDH allows us to turn capacity up at a moment’s notice, so we can scale your service when and where you need.


Our IPLS network aims for the lowest latency possible between locations. We choose the shortest most reliable routes for our IPLS services, to ensure exceptional bandwidth, latency and resiliency. Our IPLS services are custom tailored to each customer's needs and are designed with customer's needs in mind to build the best solution.

Global Connectivity

Our IPLS services are available at any of our points of presence and can be extended to new locations as needed. Our IPLS services are not limited to our home market like many of our competitors.


The IPLS link is dedicated to only your traffic so there are no concerns about anyone accessing your data as it crosses our network. Your circuit is provided as a layer 2 circuit, which allows you to use the circuit as an extension of your physical network.


Our IPLS services provide 99.99% reliability by utilising redundant fibre routes and automatic switching technology to ensure that your connections are not interrupted. We also offer a class leading SLA for our services within our infrastructure.

Network Management

Swiss Networking Solutions operates a 24/7/365 Network Operations Center to monitor our network for problems. We have monitoring systems that proactively alert our team to outages, to speed network repair. We have response agreements with our provider partners to ensure that if a network issue happens, it will be repaired quickly