IP Transit

IP Transit

Swiss Networking Solutions AG IP transit allows you to connect to a diverse network of carriers ensuring global access for your enterprise. Our IP transit service can be provided at any of our points of presence. By connecting with Swiss Networking Solutions, you can reach the globe.


Border Gateway Protocol v4 is the standard way of multihoming your internet connection. This allows you to leverage our reach into global networks with your own IP Address space, and autonomous system numbers. Our Cisco infrastructure can deliver up to 10G service with Single or Multi Mode fibre, or 1G service with Single or Multi Mode fibre, and CAT5 Ethernet, where available.

Global Connectivity

We can provision Internet circuits up to 10 gig, if available at our facility. All of our facilities have access to our network, which will connect you to over 4,000 global networks.


Our goal is to provide first class service, at a fraction of the price, to help your business grow in new and emerging markets. We aim to provide the lowest latency, highest bandwidth service in the facilities where we build our infrastructure.


Our IP Transit services are designed with resiliency first. We provide 99.99% reliability by utilising top of the line routing equipment and technology to ensure that your Internet services are not interrupted.

Network Management

Swiss Networking Solutions operates a 24/7/365 Network Operations Center to monitor our network for problems. We have monitoring systems that proactively alert our team to outages, to speed network repair. We also have clear escalation procedures to resolve upstream problems with our carrier partners.