Customer Support

Customer Support

Our focus is to provide Europe, Middle East and Asia with superior IPL, Colocation, IP Transit, and MPLS/VPLS.

Network Operations Center

Our 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors and manages our world class global network. Our NOC team has visibility into all aspects of our network and has a variety of tools at its disposal to resolve your issues.


Our network monitoring is proactive. Our goal is to detect problems before you do and ensure your service is never interupted. In the rare case there is a problem, you will find that we will already be working on a resolution to yoru problem when you reach out to us.

Problem Reporting

You can reach out to our Customer Service Center at +41 43 508 60 98. You can also send a request via the contact form, located on our contact page: on our Contact page.